Remediation of Contaminated Soil

Project Description:
Remediation of Contaminated Soil of Crude Oil Pipeline Project, Habshan to Fujairah, UAE; Transportation, treatment, conversion and redeployment hydrocarbon contaminated soil.

Client: Confidential

Reference Contact Person: Confidential

Project Deliverables  / Outcomes:

  1. Excavation of the contaminated soil. Solid to be strictly consisting of dry soil (ie: free of vegetation, rubber tires, rocks, etc.)
  2. Loading of the contaminated soil the in the trucks. 
  3. Transportation of contaminated soil to final destination.
  4. Offloading of the soil and stockpiling of soil in the final destination.
  5. Concrete mixing of the contaminated soil and appropriate additives to form gatch-like material for backfilling of yard.
  6. Backfilling of yard in the final destination.