Abu Dhabi Environmental Health & Safety Management System

Project Description:
Provision of Consultancy Services for Hazard Identification, Risk Analysis and Assessment for purposes of environmental, health and safety management and development / implementation of Abu Dhabi Environmental Health and Safety Management System (AD EHSMS).

Client: Confidential

Reference Contact Person: Confidential

Project Deliverables / Outcomes: 

  1. Conduct site visit/inspection to Identify and define all hazards, including task, activity, process and facilities in, on and around the selected facilities.
  2. Assess those hazards and identify the risk and or consequence.
  3. Identify persons who or aspects that may be at risk from those hazards.
  4. Evaluate the risks using Qualitative and Quantitative risk assessment
  5. Select appropriate control measures for both the short term and long term using a hierarchical approach leading to elimination.
  6. Prepare all documentation including risk assessment forms and risk registers and other documents and provision of reports in Arabic and English language.
  7. Identify the roles and responsibilities of all personnel for which they are quantifying the hazards.
  8. comply with the requirements of AD EHSMS Regulatory Framework
  9. Prepare of comprehensive risk registers for each facility.